While our number of posts have been falling short, our quality of training has been climbing!
By Hatfield Volunteer Fire Company
August 1, 2023

Over the past few weeks we have done multiple drills at our ckntantly evolvong training facility as well as conducting a refresher of Man Vs. Machine skills for rescue scenarios that require a bit more finess.

At our training center, we’ve practiced advancing charged hoselines and flowing water on the 3rd floor of a structure as well as estimating the distance of stretches using our 400 foot pre-connected attack line.

Our Man Vs. Machine refresher was held at Station 17A and let out firefighters get hands-on reps with ring removals, freeing subjects from fences, and conducting rescues with patients in different types of augers. These incidents are not common for us to respond to but we always strive to function at a high level when operating on any type of emergency.