Over the past few weeks, many members of the Fire Company have been working to acheive our National Pro-Board Vehicle Rescue Technician certification through Bucks CCC
By Hatfield Volunteer Fire Company
October 22, 2022

- Department of Public Safety Training & Certification. Today we used worked to remove a car from underneath a pickup truck. The truck had to be lifted and stabilized in order to free the vehicle beneath. Once both vehicles were separated and stable, firefighters worked to remove portions of each vehicle in order to gain ”patient” access.

This undertaking would have been much more difficult without the help of Corey and Dunne from Dunnes Towing! Corey helped set the pickup truck on top of the red car, while Dunne helped return the truck safely to the ground after the scenario concluded! Dunne also showed us their rotator truck and some of it’s capabilities! It’s great to have amazing community partners like Dunne’s!