Hatfield Volunteer Fire Company

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Serving Hatfield and the Surrounding Communities Since 1910

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2018 Officers


Line Officers

Executive Officers

Chief 17 Andrew Lersch President Dean Mininger
Deputy 17 Steve Sherlock Vice President Butch Staley
Assistant 17 Michael McCann Secretary Kenneth Lersch
Assistant 17-1 John Hoy Financial Secretary Ron Miller 
Assistant 17-2  Paul Kaler  Treasurer  Bob Reilly 
Captain 17 Scott Miller Chaplain Glenn Lambert
Lieutenant 17 Kenneth Lersch    
Lieutenant 17-1  Brandon Minninger     


Active Members

Chris Baskin Michael McCann
James Baskin Don Mignogna
Alex Borglum Scott Miller
Nicholas Borglum Brandon Minninger
Jeremy Boyce Dean Minninger
Herry Detweiler  Barry Moyer
Anthony Gnas Terry O'Donnell
Josh Greaser Ed Polaneczxky
Don Harpel, Jr Richard Roberts
John Hoy Bill Seasholtz
Tyler Johnson Steve Sherlock
Paul Kaler Scott Sovocool
Chuck Krause Butch Staley
Andrew Lersch Brent Talbot
Kenneth Lersch  
Aaron Lowrey  
Connor McCann  

Associate Members

Greg Quintrell  
Nick Yannarell  

Junior Members

Aaron Borglum Ryan Johnson
Liam Ramsey  

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Mission Statement

Protecting people and property in a professional manner


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